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Government Support List

The Cultural Arts Council of Houston
The Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County
The Mayor’s Offices of Kathryn J. Whitmire, Bob Lanier, Lee P. Brown
The Department of Public Works and Engineering, Jerry King P.E.
The Electric Division Public Services Department
Solid Waste and Water Departments
Harris County Probation Department
Harris County Precinct One, El Franco Lee
Harris County Precinct Two, Jim Fonteno
The University of Houston College of Architecture
The Army Corps of Engineers
The Texas Department of Transportation


Houston Endowment, Inc.
Margret Cullinan Wray Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Robert W. Sr. and Pearl Wallis Knox Charitable Foundation
Rockwell Fund, Inc.
The Anchorage Foundation of Texas
The Brown Foundation
The Dixon Cain Foundation
The MacDonald-Peterson Foundation
The Wortham Foundation
The Ben and Margaret Love Foundation
The Oshman Foundation
The Prometheus Foundation

Corporate Gifts

Americana Pictures
American Title Company (River Oaks)
B.R.H. Garver
Ballard Exploration Company, Inc.
Bank of America
Bench Mark Construction Co.
Bishop Petroleum
Boyd Nageli Transportation Co.
Builders Supply Co.
Cotton Club
Cox Hardware
Criner World Wide, Inc.
Esco Distributors Co.
Exxon Company USA
Frenchy’s PoBoy Restaurants Inc.
Furlong and Associates
Gulf and Basco
Gulf Oil Pipeline
Houston Lighting and Power
James Bute Paint Co.
Milberger Turf Co.
The Oncor Group
P&L Equipment
Parker Bros.
Riedel Nursery
SWA Landscape Group
Service Photo Copy, Inc.
Shandee Corporation
Snead Site Preparation
Southern Pacific Transportation Company
Sterling Outdoor Advertising Co.
Stewart & Stevenson
Studio Land Inc.
Texas American Bank Gulfway
Times Three Productions
Tony’s Tortillas
Transco Pipeline Co.
Wholesale Electric Supply Company of Houston

Non-Profit Groups Providing Service and General Support

Bayou Preservation Association
Clean Houston
Community Service Option Program
Houston Audubon Society
Keep Houston Beautiful
Second Ward Association
The American Society of Landscape Architects
The Park People
Urban Harvest
Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts

In-Kind Donations

Kelly Gale Amen of KGA Compound - for the
generous donation of a custom designed bench

Ramona and Doug Reid - for the generous donation of a 1993 Jeep Cherokee
Downtown Management District - for the slab
and curbs and sidewalk program

Centerpoint Energy - for the care of the Gable
Street Station fence lines

Copy.com - for support of newsletter publication and Frost Town History draft
David Hicks Plumbing - for consultations on drinking fountain
Charles Ames - for tractor storage and repair
Louis F. Aulbach - for application to the Harris County Historic Officers for the Historic Marker Program
Jim Olive - for aerial photos of Frost Town/James Bute Park
Lucy Films - for black and white photos of Telephone and Almeda Road Bridges
Gregory Harmon - for writing and editing
Laurie Feinswog - for web site and communications consultations
Keiji Asakura - for landscape consultation
Karen Bryant, Swift Energy - for spearheading
bayou cleanup

Valerie Tamburri - for photographic services
Blazek and Vetterling - for consultation
American Corporate Counsel, Houston Chapter - for contribution of heavy equipment and operators, as well as labor on major civic cleanup project
City of Houston Solid Waste - for boxes for
neighborhood cleanup

City of Houston Bridge Division - for bridge painting
Harris County - for expansion of maintenance into TXDoT right of way overlap of Frost Town Historic Site

Individual Gifts and Small Business Contributions

A & E Products Company
Richard V. Adkins - 5300 Telephone Road Center
Kelly Gale Amen, KGA Compound
Randy Anderson - Metroviews
Keiji Asakura
Alan Atkinson, Bayou Vista Ltd.
Steve Beck
Lee Benner
Cody Birdwell
R. Harry Bishop
Jody Blazek
Sherri Booth
J. Craig Bourgeois
Rick C. Bost
Judy Boyce
Turlach Boylan - Big Plan Records
John Brisbin
William Budd Jr.
Dixon Cain
John Calaway
Brian S. Carr
Denise and Bruce Cartwright
Betty Chapman
John and Lucinda Colligon
Julian R. Cortinas
Cris Criner
Sanford W. Criner, Jr.
Dave Crossley
Percy Cruzot
Cass Davies
Evan Tyler Davies, Ph.D.
Barbara Dillingham
Sam and Paula Douglass
Clinton D. Dunn
Roy Law Elliott
Bo Emry
Tilman Fertitta, Landry's Restaurants, Inc.
Susan Fischer, AIA
Julia A. Frankel
James C. Flores
Jeanette Frost
Robert Frost
Vanessa Frost
Dawn Fudge
Irma Galvan
Durwood Green
Linda Gillan Griffin
K.K. Harris
Jerry Hatton
Naomi and Richard Haynes
Doug Herrera
Artie Lee Hinds
Dorothy Knox Howe Houghton
Milton Howe
Paul Judice
Dr. Rita and Blair Justice
Charles and Lorelei Lander
Tom and Claire Lander
Lise Marie Liddell
William C. Lipscomb
Tony Mandola
Judy O. and Kenneth Margolis
Roy Maxwell
Tim Mayer
Eleanor S. McCollum
Barbara Michels
Lynda Carol Smith Mifsud
Marian Folkes Minniece
Latimer E. Mitchell
Barry Moore
Suzanne K. Morris in the name of Barbara Dillingham
Mo Nasr, Architect
Bob Novotney - Texas Junk Company
Jim Olive Photography
Marilyn Oshman
Laurie Payne, Chefs 2 Events
Erik Peterson
Fran Fawcett Peterson
Georgia Peterson
Philip Peterson
Sue Rowan Pittman
Mrs. T.R. Reckling III
Marvin and David Rubenstein
Clyde Rutland
John Rutledge
William Jerry Sadler
Sam Segari
Carrol Shaddock
Dan and Lilly Sterling
Richard Stout
M.S. Stude
Kittsie Thomas
Ralph B. Thomas
Bart Truxillo
Caro Ivy Walker
Camille Waters
Pat Waugh
Frank Williams
David S. Wolff
Susan Gail Wood
Elena C. Wortham
David Wright

Current Contributors

In Memory of Stacy Payne

Carol Pressey - Ontario, Canada
Randy Smith - Training Solutions
Global Santa Fe Drilling, UK, Ltd.


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