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The Anchorage Foundation of Texas
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation
Houston Endowment, Inc.
The MacDonald-Peterson Foundation
John P. McGovern Foundation
The Oshman Foundation
Prometheus Foundation, Inc.
Summerlee Foundation

Active Donors of 2012/2013 year end fund drive include:

The Health Ranch-Athens
Barbara Michels
Jeff Abrams
Adrew Crispin
Shawna Flynn
Karen Cochran
John P. McGovern Foundation
Carol McDavid & Herman Kluge
Barry M. Moore
David Crossley
Ann Frost Baily
Richard W. Weekley
Suzanne K. Morris in the name of Barbara K. Dillingham
Lise Liddell
Betty T. Chapman
Bob Novotney
Ronald A. Opper
Jacob & Mirian Lefkowitz
Dorothy Knox Houghton
MacDonald-Peterson Foundation
William C. Lipscomb
Bart J. Truxillo
Laurie C. Payne
Robert H. Bishop
Olive Hershey
Garrison and Elizabeth Allen
Susan G. Wood
Mary Kathleen Jones
Bishop Petroleum Inc.
Marian Fowlks Minniece
Harriet and Joe Foster Foundation
Artie Lee Hinds
Richard G. Stout
Ralph B. & Bette P. Thomas
Dr. Mavis P. Kelsey, Sr.

Individual Gifts and Small Business Contributions

Jay Blazek Family in the names of:
Beth and Harry Deans
R.H. Bishop
Bernie and Sandie Blazek
Marie Blazek
Jody Blazek
Eddie and Cindy Blazek
Minnett Boesel
John B. and Anne Brent
Betty Trapp Chapman
Harry and Rose Cullen
Barbara Eaves
William L. Farris
Susan Fischer
Harriet Foster
C.M. Garver
Francesca Fero Harrison
Robert T. and Sandra Herrin
Artie Lee Hinds
Dorothy Knox Howe Houghton
Sarah Canby Jackson
Dr. Mavis Kelsey
Betty Frost McAleer
Kathy McGovern
Marian F. Minniece
Susanne K. Morris Richard G. Stout
W. M. Von Maszewski
George P. Mitchell
John and Sylvia Ross
Dr. Emilio A. Sarabia
Mike Stude
Janice Tinapelli
Wheel of Fine, Inc.
Susan Gail Wood

Inkind Contributions

Blazek and Crossley - for the contribution of a photograph of McKee Street Bridge
Blumenthal Sheet Metal Signs Rejuvination
Copy Dot Com - Steve and Heath - for helping us communicate
Harvey Grandell, Architect
Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan
Harris County Precinct Two - for the drinking fountain

Harris County Precinct Two Marker Dedication Staff (Time and Equipment)
Harris County P.I.D."Birdsall House Program"
Ernest Roth of Terra Surveyors - for a fearless search for Frost Town's streets
Texas Junk Company

Land Contributions

John and Lucinda Colligon
Charles and Lorelei Lander
Tom and Claire Lander in honor of their grandparents: Thompson Redmond and Bessie Mae Lander
Dan and Lillie Sterling

Past Contributors



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